Monday, March 6, 2017

Praying blessings over our new trimester and for the students to finish the year strong.

7th/8th Grade Lit
Read chapter 1 in One Crazy Summer and look for literary elements/devices
Answered questions on upcoming assignments
Worked on student led conference slides
Wednesday: Luke 2:52 goals due
Thursday Chapters 1-5 One Crazy Summer (quiz)
Friday: Student led conferences slides due

Upcoming Projects:
Stereotyping Episodes due March 16th
Oral Interview-due March 24th
Interview paragraphs due March 28th
Novel Packet Due: April 21st
Presentations April 27th-May 2nd

Christian Studies
Memory Ephesians 2:13
Studied Jesus selection of the disciples and becoming "fishers of  men"
Lesson 54
Memory due Friday

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