Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Blessings on your afternoon!

The students have had quite a To Do list of assignments and projects in all of their classes. As a result we have discussed prioritizing work, how to best manage our time, and the importance of calling on the Lord in prayer to help us through the To Do's.  I have given the students a few work days in class and they all have used their time very wisely. I have been very pleased with their hard work, focus, and use of their time! :)

7th Grade Lit:
Work day! :)
Thursday Chapters 1-5 One Crazy Summer (quiz)
Friday: Student led conferences slides due

Upcoming Projects:
Stereotyping Episodes due March 16th
Oral Interview-due March 24th
Interview paragraphs due March 28th
Novel Packet Due: April 21st
Presentations April 27th-May 2nd

Christian Studies:
Homeroom:work day! :)

Memory due Friday

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