Friday, September 2, 2016

 It has been a great first week. The students have worked hard! :) I pray you all have a wonderful, restful, 3-day weekend full of great family time.

7th/8th Grade Lit: Book Talk Presentations                HW:
 7th grade Luke 2:52 Poster due: Thursday 9/8
8th grade Luke 2:52 Poster due: Tuesday 9/13

Christian Studies: Buddies and memory and class discussion on the personal application of Isaiah 44:3b. It was fascinating to hear the students responses. They are wonderful group of students!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another great day with our students! They are great and I so enjoy them!

Praying blessings over your family tonight!

7th/8th Grade Lit: Journal Entry #1
                                 8th grade shared book talks
                                 7th grade sharing tomorrow
                                  Continued to work on 
                                  Luke 2:52 Goals                                 
HW: Luke 2:52 goals due Friday-parent signature too! 7th grade Luke 2:52 Poster due: Thursday 9/8
8th grade Luke 2:52 Poster due: Tuesday 9/13

Christian Studies: We worked on our life verse 
                                posters in class.
HW: Life Verse posters-due Wednesday 
         Memory Due Friday: Isaiah 44:3b

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It was surely our first wacky Wednesday with changed of schedules, electives, and ACK classes (ask your students what ACK stands for!). However, the students were flexible and did great! What a great group of middle school students we have!

Students please remember to get your binder organized into your class subjects (there is a place for everything and everything has a place!) :) Also if you have not turned in your summer packet, please do so by Friday. :)

I am praying blessings over your family this afternoon and evening! Enjoy the sunshine!

7th/8th Grade Lit: We learned about SMART goals and worked on Luke 2:52 goals in class
HW: Luke 2:52 goals due Friday

Christian Studies: We worked on our life verse posters in class
HW: Life Verse posters-due Friday (we will have class time tomorrow)
         Memory Due Friday:

6th Grade Survival: We played 4 corners, filled out and shared Who I am worksheet and discussed all the changes we will undergo in middles school...we  won't just survive, we will thrive! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Another great day! It is such a blessing getting to connect with the students! We are getting into our routines, getting into the swing of things, and continuing to learn systems and procedures.

Christian Studies: Prayer and devotion
                              Students received iPads-those with cases went home.
                              Remember to charge them :)
HW: none

7th Grade Lit: Procedures
                        Journals and timed write
                        4 Corners-getting to know each other game
HW: none-bring in summer packet by Friday

8th Grade Lit: Procedures
                        Get to Know-Each other Bingo
HW: none-bring in summer packet by Friday

 Remember: In Christ we are blessed to be a blessing!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Praying blessings over your family this evening!

We had a great first day of 7th grade! I enjoyed getting to know our 7th grade students better, hearing their highlights from their summers, and begin learning our systems and daily routines.

We will continue to get back into the swing of things and take time reconnecting with oneanother and with our new students this week.

Please bring ipad cases tomorrow if you have them, as well as any paperwork that needs to be turned in.

See you tomorrow and enjoy your evening! :)