Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It was a great Tuesday back. The students were alert and ready to learn! We will be praying for the 8th graders as they leave for their Lutherhaven trip tomorrow that the Lord will reveal Himself in new and exciting ways through His creation.

The students will be needing to search and bring a self-selected novel by next Monday. Parents-your students will be showing you the book review for the book they selected. Please sign the yellow sheet when you have read through the review and given your permission for your student to read it. Thank you.

7th/8th Grade Lit
            Journal Entry #2 found on Google Classroom 
            Genres of Literature
           Finished up Booktalks
                     7th grade Luke 2:52 Poster due: Thursday 9/8 
            Self-selected Novel book and
                                  permission slip 
                                  due Monday 9/12
     8th grade Luke 2:52 Poster due: Tuesday 9/13
                                  Self-selected Novel
                                  permission slip 
                                  due Monday 9/12
                                  Book due Tuesday 9/13

Christian Studies: Journal Entry #1
                                Romans 8:5 
                                Application and Discussion

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