Wednesday, September 7, 2016

     Praying Blessings over your afternoon and evening! :)
     Today was our wacky Wednesday schedule, but we all did much better for week 2 in knowing where to go. :) We are definitly all settling in. We will continue to pray for our 8th graders while the are gone.

7th grade Lit: 
Journal Entry #3- Chapel re-cap
Grammar Review 
 Luke 2:52 Poster due: tomorrow
                                  Self-selected Novel
                                  permission slip and book
                                  due Monday 9/12

8th grade Lit:  
Luke 2:52 Poster due: Tuesday 9/13
Self-selected Novel permission slip due Monday 9/12
Book due Tuesday 9/13

6th Grade Survival: 
Luke 2:52 Goals

Christian Studies/Homeroom: 
Memory Review
Brainstorming for 7th grade chapel                               

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